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Dog Walk


Training for Everyday Life for over 30 years

Dogs with Dog Walker

Is Your Dog Pulling Your Chain?

1800GoodDog was founded in 1988 on the belief that not all pets are born equal. They each have their own unique traits and mannerisms and therefore require their own unique and specialized training. That’s where we come in!

After years of training dogs with our loving method that works, we’ve found that the most effective and cost-efficient way of training for everyday life is at home where your pet lives. Often, dogs leave dog training facilities well-mannered only to go home again feeling in charge — jumping, chewing, barking, and just “pulling your chain.”


The new GoodDog@Home service is the solution. It’s designed for real life in and around your home, with your family and neighboring pets. For more information, call 1-800-GOOD-DOG today and be a GOOD DOG parent.

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